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Angelo had planned to write a new album in 2020, it just was not meant to be this one at first. However, following the end of the stay-at-home orders in Spain, he released his demons and let his anxiety loose, penning all of his feelings into a bunch of free texts while staring at humans looking for some fresh air to breathe by the streets of Barcelona. A couple months later, he then went to Berlin together with producer and fellow artist L. Paul, and wrote the music for seven songs (or 87% of the album) within a week, recording them in the space of two days together with some friends. The result is an album of amazing indie rock tunes, representing all the human feelings consequential to the pandemic lockdown: anger, depression, relief, collective struggles and hope. Everything is there, for an album packed with references to Berlin, politics, lucid dreams, Tinder bios, and more.

Who is Angelo?

Born in Sicily. Lived in Italy, Canada, Berlin, the Netherlands. Now in Barcelona. He started writing poems and songs with a guitar at 18, then learned other instruments and became a full-on singer-songwriter. He believes in the power of music, arts, poetry, love, FM radios and arancinas. Fully committed against pineapple pizza, racism, reggaeton and bullshit.

What did he play?

His latest works: Southern Lights (2017, remixed in 2020), Selfie Show/Slow Show (2018). Plus much more back in the 2010s, including several European tours (the one of 2014 probably been the most legendary one in rock’n’roll terms).

Where to find him?

Usually Barcelona, either in a shitty flat in the Poblenou neighbourhood or walking by the nearby beach. But also on Instagram (, Facebook ( and Bandcamp ( Pictures and sounds of him doing stuff can be found also on $potify, YouTube, Apple muSIC(k) and others.

How to contact him?

For collabs and booking inquiries: Americans in Sicily booking agency – info [A/T] americansinsicily [punkt] com

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